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Multi-disciplinary, victim-centered

sexual assault response & intervention

20 years as a leader in developing policy, implementing systems change, building partnerships and effecting change in the way we respond to sexual violence.

You know your community best. As an advocate, a system responder, a prosecutor, a law enforcement professional, a technical assistance provider or a community ally you see the impact of sexual violence every day. You have an amazing skill set and a deep desire to effect change. But, with the daily pressures and demands of your work, it can be hard to make the lasting changes you seek.


In partnership, I’ll help you create needed change. I will come

on-site or work remotely to assess your processes and programs, consult with leadership, allies and partners, make recommendations, and develop policy and processes to assist with ongoing change.

I believe in the power of collaboration to develop a trauma-informed, victim-centered response to sexual violence.


·  Work sessions, strategic planning, remote webinars, on-site trainings

·  Leadership mentoring and guidance, agency audit, assessing               victim/survivor experience

·  Policy development, system creation, implementation


·  Written policies and protocols, reports, metrics, recommendations

·  Concrete plans, documents and strategies, action steps to follow

·  Improved quality of service, measurable

·  Improved staff morale; a sense of confidence and competence

Processes and programs

Products and benefits

Past participants say…

“Leah is different – she doesn’t talk down; she respects our work.”

“I feel like I can do this now.

                 She gave us takeaways that make sense.”

“This training was a game-changer.”

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